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9-Sep-2008 - Label X in Australia has re-released two classic scores. The first one is the re-issue of the haunting, sinister Bernard Herrmann score for the British thriller The Night Digger, with Patricia Neal and Pamela Brown, directed by Alastair Reid. The original album has been re-edited, and re-assembled into 7 suites ("Scenario Macabre for Orchestra"), including some new material. The audio quality, mixing between two different versions may be a matter of taste as well. Viola d'amore, harmonica are effective solo colors against strings throughout. Bernard Herrmann conducts sessions of the London Orchestra.<br>
The second one is also a classic! The expanded original soundtrack from the popular Richard Lester film, The Four Musketeers, produced by Alexander & Ilya Salkind, starring Oliver Reed, Richard Chamberlain, Raquel Welch, and Charlton Heston. The rousing Lalo Schifrin score melds period flavor courtesy recorder, lute, military drum with a modern orchestral pizzazz. Considerable expansion affords 9 previously unreleased tracks. Lalo Schifrin is conducting the London Studio Orchestra.
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