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Andrew Lockington scores One Week
9-Sep-2008 -

Movie premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival
on September 8th. 
Canadian born composer Andrew Lockington’s score for the indie film One Week,
directed by Michael McGowan and starring Joshua Jackson, has been heard at the movie’s
premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on Monday, September 8 at 9:30 p.m.
at Roy Thomson Hall. “One Week” was part of The Gala Presentations at the Festival,
which is a high-profile showcase of Canadian and international films with a major impact.
Lockington’s recent score to Walden Media’s Journey To The Center Of The Earth
solidified him scoring their next film City Of Ember. (opens October 10). 
One Week is about a young man (Joshua Jackson) who is confronted with his mortality,
and takes a road trip on a vintage motorcycle. One Week asks the question, “What would
you do if you had one week to live?” Lockington took a minimalist approach to scoring
One Week using a small unusual ensemble of instruments. He wanted the score to
preserve all the little human elements of the musicians, including the breaths, the finger
noises etc. The result is a score that has a very strong soulful element, almost feeling
the presence of the musicians who performed it. The score is written for piano, backwards
piano, acoustic guitar, female voice, Uilliann pipes and a complex bed of manipulated
acoustic instruments.
Lockington is a protégé of award-winning composer Mychael Danna (Little Miss Sunshine).
Lockington’s credits include the “Skinwalkers,” “Saint Ralph,” “Touch of Pink,” and the
scores for the HBO features “Xchange” and “Stranger Inside.”
His newest project "City of Ember" will be in theatres October 10th

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