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Varese Sarabande has announced...
15-Sep-2008 -
...the new CD-Club titles...
After their elaborate 4-CD boxed set release of the epic pre-war years of North and South, 
Varese Sarabande now follows and concludes their edition by adding three more CDs of
Bill Conti's dramatic conclusion and scoring of the civil war in North and South: Book II.
Varese considers this now two-volume release of Bill Conti's magnum opus to be among 
their greatest and most exciting releases and are so thrilled to bookend their 30th anniversary
year with the historic release of the very special score with over 3 hours of music.
And... if you don't have volume one of North and South yet, you better hurry. And now is
the time to be sure you don't miss either volume of this extraordinary score.
With the upcoming Warner Bros. "Ultimate Edition" of the entire Matrix saga, Varese thought
this would be a good opportunity for their own The Matrix: Deluxe Edition of one of the
most acclaimed and landmark scores of modern times. Now with over 78 minutes of
Don Davis' astoundingly powerful and complex score, film music fans can finally enjoy
all the intricacies of this epic work.
Continuing their festival of historic Elmer Bernstein releases, Varese follows their 4-CD
boxed set of Gangs of New York, The Journey of Natty Gann and The Scarlet Letter with the
exciting premiere release of Anna Lucasta from 1958. This is classic Bernstein.
Powerful...Dramatic...Romantic, and featuring one of the greatest scored sequences of
Bernstein's entire career (the four cues beginning with The Runaway).
Anna Lucasta will amaze.
Alex North was absolutely exploding with musical ideas when he emerged on the
Hollywood scene in the early 1950s. His 1952 score for Twentieth Century Fox's
Pony Soldier, is a sprawling work that even offers glimpses of some of North's greatest
scores to come. Much film music history grew from the seeds planted in Pony Soldier.
A long-requested early Alex North score from a historic period in Fox studio history,
has been released at last!
And last but not least, 1986's Vamp, and its score by Jonathan Elias, that has turned
into somewhat of a cult horror/comedy classic. An oft-requested title from the Varese
archives, VAMP emerges for one more nighttime prowl.
For more info and ordering, visit Varese Sarabande.
For Europe, visit Colosseum Records.

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