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Andrew Lockington scores City Of Ember
4-Oct-2008 -

Composer reunites with Walden Media.
Composer Andrew Lockington’s recent score to Walden
Media’s Journey To The Center Of The Earth solidified
him scoring their next film City Of Ember, starring
Bill Murray and Tim Robbins. Lockington created an original
epic score by incorporating a 90-piece orchestra along with
an 85-member choir. “City of Ember” opened October 10th;
the score album will be released by Bulletproof (through
Universal) available early November.

The composer wanted his score to emulate the
magnitude of the film. "Moments of incredible beauty and
emotion peek through in contrast to the dark landscape
that is “City of Ember," Lockington said about the film’s
Lockington recorded and mixed the score at the
legendary Abbey Road. The score features unique
percussion elements accented by mystical wind
instruments that could only be compared to "whale music."
Special features to the brass section include four Wagner
Horn's that lend their bold signature to the score's
main theme.
“City of Ember” tells the story of an ancient city whose
existence becomes threatened when a generator
keeping the city alive begins to fail.
The lamps that light the city start to flicker and the food
supplies begin to run out. Two teenagers race against
time, to unlock the mystery of the city's existence in
attempt to save the city and its people.
Lockington is a protégé of award-winning composer
Mychael Danna (Little Miss Sunshine).
Lockington’s credits include “Skinwalkers,” “Saint Ralph,”
“Touch of Pink,” and the scores for the HBO features
“Xchange” and “Stranger Inside.”
More recently, Lockington scored the indie film "One Week"
which premiered at the 2008 Toronto International
Film Festival.

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