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Primeval: The Complete Series 1 and 2
10-Nov-2008 -

Primeval is very good fun, worth rewatching,
and suitable for family viewing too.
From the creator of the Emmy-winning documentary series, Walking With Dinosaurs, the groundbreaking
BBC America series, Primeval fuses heart-pounding action, engrossing storylines and cutting-edge special effects
while asking the question; has mankind come to the end of the evolutionary road? 
Primeval was created by Britain's ITV as a big-budget primetime Saturday rival to the success of the
BBC's Doctor Who. But unlike some efforts to buy big ratings, there's actually a lot of entertainment throughout
the series. The crux of the show surrounds a series of strange creatures from both the future and the past
who appear to be roaming around in the present day. So what's going on? And what can be done about the
dinosaur-esque creatures, big insects, and assorted parasitic life forms that are suddenly roaming the Earth?
That's where professor Nick Cutter and his team come in, and the fun really begins.
A surprisingly human action-drama, Primeval clearly draws influence from Doctor Who, and while it
never really threatens to rival it, it is nonetheless a good show in its own right. The special effects are
suitably smart, but, more importantly, there's also a half-decent script at the heart of things, and
that really does help lift the show. 
The second season finds Cutter and his team once again dealing with creatures quite literally out of their time.
But this time, Primeval has a few more tricks up its sleeve. Because while the convention for much of season 1
was that the creatures that faced Cutter and his crew were arriving from the past, this time round there are
monsters from the future to worry about too. Cue the likes of a woolly mammoth on the motorway, and a
raptor-esque chase around a shopping center. The show then blends in some twisty narratives surrounding
the characters themselves, which--while not particularly intricate or surprising--do keep up the fun, and it does
its best to throw as much at the screen as it can.
Primeval is very good fun, worth rewatching, and suitable for family viewing too.
The DVD is available from Warner Bros. and

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