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John Barry's The Wrong Box
8-Nov-2008 - Harkit Records has released the original soundtrack by John Barry to the 1966 Bryan Forbes comedy The Wrong Box. A tontine is established for a dozen children - a tontine being a kind of bet/insurance - money is put in for each to grow with interest and the last survivor will get the lot. We watch the group dwindle until only two brothers are left. One brother is watched by his nephews who will keep him alive at all costs, the other lives in ill health and poverty as the only support of his fairly stupid grandson. Statues and bodies are switched, in the "wrong boxes" until everyone is sure someone has died. John Barry's superb and sensitively scored music is a pure delight. Packed with notes by film buff, Darren Allison, and rarely seen stills from the movie in a full-colour twenty page booklet.
For more info and ordering, visit Harkit Records. 

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