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Sharon Farber's When Nietzsche Wept
10-Nov-2008 - MovieScore Media has released the score for When Nietzsche Wept. Starring Armand Assante as famous philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, the film features a score that is filled of strong themes (often presented on piano or solo woodwinds) and rich orchestrations. Although restrained emotional writing forms the backbone of the score, it also features several elegant scherzos as well as darker action-orientated material. Based on the novel by Irvin D. Yalom, scoring When Nietzsche Wept was a dream project for composer Sharon Farber, who had read the book as a teenager and immeditaley fell in love with it. The album ends beautifully with Sharon Farber's arrangement of Nietzsche's song 'Hymnus an das leben' featuring soprano Ayana Haviv and the composer on piano.
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