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21-Nov-2008 - Digitmovies has released the 10th volume in the series dedicated to the Italian Peplum genre and for the first time on CD, the complete score by Carlo Rustichelli for the 1959 movie Annibale (aka Hannibal). This CD project has been made possible thanks to Beat Records. Carlo Rustichelli has written a passionate and full-blooded orchestral score, based on the Hannibal theme, an epic and adventurous march that is introduced in the Main Titles and frequently reprised in the score.
Another exclusive from Digitmovies is the first release on CD of the complete original score by Francesco De Masi for the movie of the Italian Gothic genre La Lama Nel Corpo (aka The Murder Clinic). Thanks to C.A.M., Digitmovies could use the mono album master tape and the mono master tapes of the complete recording session. That made it possible to add 14 previously unreleased music tracks. The CD also contains a big record rarity: the score by Francesco De Masi for the movie Lo Spettro (aka The Ghost). Seven tracks of this score in full stereo appeared long time ago on an obscure library album. Digitmovies has carefully restored a vinyl copy, miraculously found, cause the original Nazionalmusic master tapes are lost forever. They have brought the channels in the right positions, because on the vinyl source they were inverted. A really unique rescue of the Italian Silver Age, done with the kind permission of Beat Records.
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