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David Mansfield's The Guitar
12-Dec-2008 - Lakeshore Records has released the soundtrack for The Guitar. How would you behave if you had to confront your own mortality? Especially if you were young, in your twenties or early thirties, how would you react if you learned you had less than two months to live? These questions create the point of departure for Amy Redford’s whimsical fairytale The Guitar, a thoroughly engaging almost mythological allegory that is fueled by the exceptional performance of Saffron Burrows and executed with style by its director. The soundtrack contains original music composed by David Mansfield (Transamerica, The Apostle, Heaven’s Gate) and songs by Jonny Savarino, Phoebe Jean Dunne, Alap Momin, Deb Montgomery, and two songs by The Everyothers.
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