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John Ottman's Valkyrie
5-Jan-2009 - From Varèse Sarabande comes the score for Valkyrie, the story of a proud military man, Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, a loyal officer who serves his country all the while hoping that someone will find a way to stop Hitler before Europe and Germany are destroyed. Realizing that time is running out, he decides that he must take action himself and joins the German resistance. Armed with a cunning strategy to use Hitler's own emergency plan, known as Operation Valkyrie, these men plot to assassinate the dictator and overthrow his Nazi government from the inside. With everything in place, von Stauffenberg is thrust from being one of many who oppose Hitler to the one who must kill Hitler himself. John Ottman, Singer's favored lieutenant composer, provides a thrilling and suspenseful score.
Score available from, Amazon UK, Amazon France and Amazon Germany

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