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12-Jan-2009 - Digitmovies keeps on releasing little juwels of the Italian film music. This time 5 scores on 2 CD's. The first one is Nel Segno Di Roma, a 1959 movie directed by Guido Brignone starring a.o. Anika Ekberg. The score appears in its complete form. Angelo F. Lavagnino has composed an epic choral main theme. Also on this CD the score for Ponzio Pilato (1962). Unfortunately only eight tracks of Angelo Lavagnino's score have survived till today. And finally on this CD Il Colosso Di Roma Muzio Scevola (aka "Hero of Rome"), directed in 1964 by Giorgio Ferron. For the CD a 4:27 suite was arranged with the only original music that Angelo F. Lavagnino has written for the movie. This CD with three scores represents a tribute to the musical art of Angelo Francesco Lavagnino and fills another important gap of Italian Golden and Silver Age soundtracks.
Digitmovies has released for the first time on CD the score in full stereo by Berto Pisano for the erotic genre movie La Svergognata (1974). The composer has written a lounge style score with suggestive orchestral themes, featuring the wonderful and sexy voice of Edda Dell'Orso. Also included as bonus tracks on this CD is the complete score in full stereo by Carlo Savina for Suggestionata (aka "Sugestionada"), a 1978 movie directed by Alfredo Rizzo. Carlo Savina has composed a romantic theme with a pop arrangement and vocalized by a young female voice. For this release the stereo master tapes of the RCA Archives have been used.
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