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Gerhard Heinz 3 Scores for Jess Franco
6-Mar-2009 - All Score Media has released The Erotic & Painful Obsessions Of Jess Franco, a compilation with music for three erotic movies from the eighties, Eugenie (Historia de una perversión), Bloody Moon and Linda. For the musical realization Gerhard Heinz accessed a wide range of genres and instrumentations, from typical stomping disco songs (each of them could have become a summer hit in the 80s!) over romantic (sl)easy listening tracks, partly influenced by Spanish folk music or Samba, to orchestral suspense parts, which together with the skilled use of synthesizers develop the thrill to the maximum. The CD contains notes by Katja Bienert and Gerhard Heinz as well as an interview with the composer, all in German and English, and has a lot of images of film posters and stills.
The CD is available from, Amazon UK, Amazon France and Amazon Germany. More info at All Score Media.

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