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Nicola Tescari's Aspettando Il Sole
12-Mar-2009 - CAM Original Soundtracks has released the score for Aspettando Il Sole (Waiting For The Sun), the 2008 comedy directed by Ago Panini with an original score by Nicola Tescari. WHERE: Italy. WHEN: early 1980s. SETTING: a non-place somewhere over the horizon, lost in the dark. Three bad boys stumble across a remote hotel, a sort of refuge at the end of the world. There’s nothing normal about these bored young tough boys. Looking for something to amuse themselves with through the long hours until dawn, they decide to take the hotel’s night porter hostage. Nothing is planned and everything appears a matter of chance. The only sure thing is the night – the simple camouflage of a sleepless night. The story doesn’t belong to them alone. The Bellevue Hotel is full of guests who breathe and pant and sob behind doors marked with worn numbers. They act out of love and despair, in whispers and screams, boldly or mysteriously...
Available as CD and as download from CAM Original Soundtracks.

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