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Sounds Of The Times
24-Mar-2009 - Dutton Vocalion has released a very special compilation album, Sounds Of The Times. The twenty-five tracks on this CD are from a cross-section of albums issued during the heyday of the KPM recorded music library, along with a few choice cuts from the Conroy library's archives. They were - and in KPM's case still are - among the world's leading suppliers of pre-recorded ('library') music to the radio, film and TV industries. During the 1960s and '70s many of Britain's foremost arranger-composers, like Alan Hawkshaw, Christopher Gunning, David Lindup, John Cameron, John Scott, Keith Mansfield, and Johnny Pearson, to name a few, wrote for both companies, and some fine examples of their work from that period are featured here. The KPM material presented here is from the '1000' series, possibly the most successful and probably the most famous series of recordings in the history of library music. The styles range from orchestral and big band to rock and small group, but uniting them all are the funk rythms of the 70s.
The CD is available from Dutton Vocalion. 

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