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Johan Söderqvist's Effi Briest
2-Apr-2009 - Königskinder Records has released the original score for Effi Briest. It's the story of seventeen year old Effi Briest, who follows the wish of her parents and marries the almost 20 years older Baron von Innstetten, a former lover of her mother. For Effie begins, with this commercial marriage, a dull life far from her home land. Von Innstetten is busy building a political career and the sleepy coast town Kessin offers no variety at all. Then Major Crampas, an early friend of von Innstetten, arrives and Effi's life changes completely. She starts an affair with Crampas and finally discovers what love means. The beautiful, romantic, melancholic and sometimes nerve breaking music is by Johan Söderqvist, and is played by the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra.
Available from Amazon Germany.

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