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9-Apr-2009 -
Digitmovies has again released three fine examples of the Italian film music from the seventies.
The first one is the complete original score for Défense De Savoir by Bruno Nicolai with twelve
previously unreleased tracks, the second one is the complete, lush score for Siegfried Und Das
Sagenhafte Liebesleben Der Nibelungen (aka La Più Allegra Storia Del Decamerone) by
Daniele Patucchi and finally there is the complete score for the first time complete and in full
stereo for Genova A Mano Armata by Franco Micalizzi.
Défense De Savoir
has released as the ninth volume of the series Bruno Nicolai in Giallo the complete 
score in full stereo of Défense De Savoir (aka “L’Uomo A Destra In Basso Nella Fotografia, Forbidden
To Know), directed in 1973 by Nadine Trintignant. For Defense De Savoir, which uses some
typical elements of the Giallo and the Noir mixed with those of the chaotic and intriguing political
environment, Bruno Nicolai has managed to represent in music the whole atmosphere of mystery
and terror in which the young lawyer finds himself in his desperate search for the truth. Thanks to
the friends of C.A.M. Digitmovies could use the original session recording master tapes which have
been kept in perfect condition and in full stereo. In addition to the album tracks, there is half an
hour of unreleased music.
Digitmovies presents a musical rarity: the complete score in full stereo for the movie Siegfried Und
Das Sagenhafte Liebesleben Der Nibelungen (aka La Più Allegra Storia Del Decamerone, The Erotic
Adventures Of Siegfried, The Long Swift Sword Of Siegfried), a 1971 movie directed by Adrian Hoven and
starring the popular German actor Raimund Harmstorf (who passed away in 1998). The movie tells the
amorous adventures of the young Prince Siegfried who, between duels and ambushes, will conquer
the heart of beautiful Kriemhild in a completely re-invented medieval world. For this German production
the music score was commissioned to the Italian composer Daniele Patucchi (Pane E Cioccolata is among
his best scores), and this long CD (73: 56) is possible thanks to the big help of the friends at C.A.M. in
whose archives the original recording session master tapes have been kept in excellent condition and
in full stereo till now. At the time of the film's release in 1971 no official record of this score had been
released, but only two tracks were later issued in mono on promotional C.A.M. library albums.
Genova a mano armata
As the seventh volume of the series dedicated to the Italian Police movies Digitmovies has released
for the first time complete and in full stereo - the score by Franco Micalizzi for the cult movie
Genova A Mano Armata (aka L’Homme Sans Pitié, Merciless Man) which was directed in 1976 by
Mario Lanfranchi. Tony Lo Bianco plays the role of a former American FBI and Interpol agent who, after
being expelled from the CIA, opens a detective agency in Genoa. Here he gets known as “ The American",
although he has Sicilian roots. The man is engaged to investigate on the sequestration and murder of
a famous ship owner and also to recover one billion of Liras which had been claimed as ransom for the
freedom of the man. With the approval of the same Maestro Micalizzi, for this CD Digitmovies has used
every recorded note found on the stereo master tapes of the original session. This gave them the chance
to realize a CD eagerly awaited by fans for one of the best Italian Police movies with an excellent score.
For more info and ordering, visit Digitmovies.

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