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Annette Focks' Die Drei ??? - Das Verfluchte Schloss
12-Apr-2009 - Alhambra Records has released the score for Die Drei ??? – Das Verfluchte Schloss. A new case for the cult detectives! Not by coincidence, a mysterious videotape falls into the hands of Jupiter Jones, Pete Crenshaw and Bob Andrews during Jupiter's birthday party in Rocky Beach. On it is a recording of Jupiter's long dead parents. In their message they want to communicate to their son the key to an especially tricky riddle. The Three Investigators do not hesitate for a second: immediately, they make their way to the abandoned property of the mad inventor Terrill, located in a lonesome wood in Northern California. The place is rumored to be haunted! Although Jupiter, Pete and Bob are a shrewd team, they must gather all of their courage and resolve to enter the ghostly ruins. It quickly becomes clear that there is something very odd going on and that the building appears to be cursed. The original score is by Annette Focks.
Available from Amazon Germany. 

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