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Dieter Schleip's So Glücklich War Ich Noch Nie
17-Apr-2009 - Alhambra Records has released the score for So Glücklich War Ich Noch Nie. It's the story of Frank, a fraud, who's flirt with Tanja, the owner of a shop, ends in gail. After his release he lives with his brother and tries to earn his money in a honest way. But then Tanja returns... For her he wants to do everything, although she works as a prostitute. And so he falls back in his earlier habits, playing with different identities. The sparkling music is written by Dieter Schleip, who received the Max-Ophüls-Preise in the Best Film Music category for his score. Also on this CD the music for Die Hochstapler and for Hat Der Motor Eine Seele..?

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