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John Frizzell scores Legion
3-May-2009 -







John Frizzell is doing the score for Legion, an apocalyptic
action flick starring Dennis Quaid, Paul Bettany, Kevin Durand,
Doug Jones and Kate Walsh.
The composer, who is best known for his big orchestral scores
for Alien: Resurrection and Dante's Peak as well as the quirkier
Office Space, has scored a lot of dark subjects lately, including
Evil Angel, The Lodger and 100 Feet.
Legion is directed by Scott Charles Stewart and produced by
David Lancaster and Michel Litvak for release in January 2010
by Screen Gems.
The story is about about a group of people who, after a biblical
apocalypse, discover that a young woman is pregnant with
the messiah.
(Source: Upcoming Filmscores)

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