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6-May-2009 - Digitmovies has released a musical rarity, the complete, full stereo score by Franco Micalizzi for the movie Laure directed and starred in 1975 by Emmanuelle Arsan. At the time of the film's release a 45 rpm single was issued which featured the main theme song sung by Emmanuelle Arsan and the track Emmelle on side B, and thanks to the information of Franco Micalizzi; the male voice which performs the duet with Miss Arsan is really the one of Franco Micalizzi himself which was not credited on the original singles! In 1976 RCA issued an LP album (SP 8057) in the promotional SP series which contained ten selected instrumental tracks. For this special edition CD which has been authorized by Franco Micalizzi himself, Digitmovies could use the complete stereo master tapes kept in the RCA vaults until now.
Digitmovies has re-issued a Deluxe CD edition of the score for the movie La Corta Notte Delle Bambole Di Vetro (Aka Short Night of the Glass Dolls - Malastrana - La corta noche de las muñecas de cristal). Although this score has already been released - with the same material (42:25) - by Screen Trax/GDM and later by Dagored/Abraxas, both CDs did feature the score only in mono sound. But in two different archives Digitmovies could find the complete master tapes which were recorded in full stereo. And not only this, they have rescued an album mock-up in stereo (duration: 29:15) which had been prepared at the time of the film's release by Ennio Morricone, surely conceived for a promotional album of the SP series which then never saw the light. Besides the stereo LP mock-up and those extra tracks previously issued in mono, Digitmovies has added here about 17 minutes of music never released before. Total time now almost one hour. 
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