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History Channel presents Expedition Africa
19-May-2009 -

Can four elite explorers encounter the past
to make history in the present?
Benedict Allen, Mireya Mayor, Pasquale Scaturro and
Kevin Sites embark on the historical adventure of a
lifetime through the wilds of Tanzania, using only a
compass and basic maps
Twenty miles off the coast of eastern Africa, four modern-day
explorers are sailing toward the unknown, the deep interior
of Tanzania. They’ll travel 970 miles through the most stunning,
epic and unforgiving African terrain – fraught with danger.
Using only a compass and basic maps, they will attempt to
experience the spirit of a remarkable adventure in world history.
Their historic exploration has been captured by one of the
premiere storytellers of our time, Mark Burnett, for the
eight-part television event, Expedition Africa: Stanley & Livingstone, 
premiering on History Channel on Sunday, May 31 at 10pm ET/PT.
Click here for the trailer. 
Explorers in the 19th century were the rock stars of their day –
and Dr. David Livingstone was the biggest of them all.
A true hero of his time and perhaps the greatest explorer ever,
he dedicated his life to stamping out slavery.
Then, he disappeared. After several years, the public’s fascination
with his whereabouts reached a fever pitch. Enter American journalist
Henry Morton Stanley. Stanley had never been to Africa – but he
wanted the scoop, to find out and write about what happened
to Dr. Livingstone. He set off to find Livingstone.
The four elite modern-day explorers in EXPEDITION relive
Stanley’s perilous journey to find Dr. David Livingstone.
They are: navigator Pasquale Scaturro, wildlife expert Mireya Mayor,
survivalist Benedict Allen, and journalist Kevin Sites.
Together, they will confront obstacles and dangers similar to
those encountered by the great explorers before them. 
See the first 9 miles (promo)
EXPEDITION starts off as Stanley did, on the island of Zanzibar,
where the explorers set sail for the Tanzanian coastal town of
Bagamoyo. Before heading into the jungle, they must hire local
porters to accompany them, and two Masai warriors as
insurance against attacks from the dangers that lie ahead.
Together, the expedition members embark on their 30-day,
nearly 1,000-mile journey into the heart of Africa along the route
that Stanley took in the 19th century.
They travel through the varied terrains of Africa including dense
swamps, rugged mountains and barren deserts, where they face
danger from severe dehydration, deadly diseases and wild animals.
Expedition Africa: Stanley & Livingstone
History Channel - Sundays 10/9C

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