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A new series on Varese Sarabande
22-May-2009 -

This news came from Varese Sarabande.
In an age when more and more releases are being 
made available as “download only,” we are going
to try and stay a little old-fashioned by standing by
the good old CD.
While our regular releases have now long been
made available both on CD and as downloads,
we have released just a few iTunes-only titles.
Soundtracks for films with more limited distribution
have a hard time finding an audience in cities where
the film itself is not shown. Since more and more of
our favorite composers are scoring films that fall
into this category, we thought it was time to start
a new series of releases that is kind of a hybrid
between our regular releases and our CD Club.
These titles will be made available digitally at
iTunes and Amazon, but we will also produce a
limited number of CDs to be sold from our own
web site.
Hopefully this will provide the best option for
fans of the composers and allow scores that might
otherwise have fallen by the wayside to be
added to the collection of those who want them,
in the format that suits them best.
We anticipate this to be a sporadic series, not a
prolific one, and we intend to launch it with
two releases next month.

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