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New projects from Perseverance Records
24-May-2009 -

Robin Esterhammer of Perseverance
Records approached Craig Safan
about doing a promo of his score to
1980's Fade to Black, and he was all
excited about it. 
They will be producing 500 copies, which
will also cover the CDs that will go to
the composer. They are selling the rest
on their web site, as well as in the usual
specialty stores, to recoup production costs
as Craig won't have to pay for his CD's.
And Perseverance just signed the contract
with MGM to produce and release a
complete version of J. Peter Robinson's
chilling score to John Schlesinger's thriller
The Believers. 
This release will be limited to 1000 copies.
Peter went into the studio with Perseverance's
own Chas Ferry to master the album.
Rudy Koppl, who is also writing the liner notes,
already took some great pictures of the
Kim Schimansky is designing the booklet.

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