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The new Varèse Club titles...
29-Jun-2009 -
Varèse Sarabande presents four new titles in the June CD Club. The Varese Sarabande CD Club has reinstated
a series of special limited edition releases of rare, out of print and previously unavailable film scores.
There is no membership fee. Most releases are limited to 3000 copies for the world.
These titles are now available for purchase via mail and on-line ordering only, directly from
Varese Sarabande Records or (for Europe) from Colosseum Records in Germany.
Lonely Are The Brave
Music Composed by Jerry Goldsmith 
Without question one of the most historic releases of the CD Club to date!
Jerry Goldsmith’s first major motion picture … and hired on the
recommendation of the legendary Alfred Newman, no less.
Even on a project as early as this one, we see that Goldsmith was already
composing scores that could be described as among the best he ever wrote.
In addition to the complete original score, the album contains a number
of cues dropped from the final cut of the film. A Goldsmith classic! 
The Right Stuff
Music Composed and Conducted by Bill Conti
One of the most requested soundtracks of the 1980s, Bill Conti’s classic,
Academy Award-winning soundtrack receives its world premiere release!
The actual soundtrack that won Conti an Oscar, however has never been
released! This is the actual album, produced by Bill Conti himself, which
was prepared but never released, back in 1983. A genuine classic featuring
the kind of themes that film music fans long for. 
Hard Contract
Music Composed and Conducted by Alex North  
A score most people probably don’t know. Most all of this one is in the film …
but the film itself is quite the rarity! It draws us into this exotic world of
intrigue and romance due, in no small part, to Jack Hildyard’s cinematography
and Alex North’s utterly hypnotic score. Utterly brilliant! Utterly North!
The album features all surviving stereo mixes of the score along with the
virtually complete score in mono, to help fill in the important missing cues
from the stereo tapes.
Norma Rae
Music Composed and Conducted by David Shire
Another Oscar-winner, this time for Best Song, David Shire’s Norma Rae makes
its premiere on this day. The score itself is probably not even all that familiar
to most people (or anyone, for that matter) since so little of it was actually
used in the film. So this release is a significant discovery, and a worthy and
important one at that! Shire’s score is beautiful and noble.
It is poignant and touching. As Shire is so often – it is masterful.

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