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John Ottman at Fimucité
7-Jul-2009 -

Californian composer John Ottman, famous
for his works in Bryan Singers films (The Usual
Suspects, Superman Returns) has confirmed
his attendance in FIMUCITÉ 3.
This closes the row of famous guests of the
festival, which will take place between 20 and
26 of July. 

Ottman (San Diego, July 6, 1964) is also well-
known thanks to his scores for films such as
Apt Pupil, X-Men 2 and Superman Returns,
where he adapted John Williams`famous score. 
He has also composed the music for The
Fantastic Four, and he even took a chance in
filmmaking with the horror film, Urban Legends.
Final Cut.
Ottman joins Jan Kaczmarek, Joel
Clint Mansell and Mark Snow as part of
FIMUCITÉ’s cast of stars.
The concert program is available at the
festival’s web site,

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