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Aaron Zigman's My Sister's Keeper
20-Jul-2009 - Varèse Sarabande has released the score for My Sister's Keeper. The story: Sara and Brian Fitzgerald’s life with their young son and their two-year-old daughter, Kate, is forever altered when they learn that Kate has Leukemia. The parents’ only hope is to conceive another child, specifically intended to save Kate’s life. For some, such genetic engineering would raise both moral and ethical questions; for the Fitzgeralds, Sara (Cameron Diaz) in particular, there is no choice but to do whatever it takes to keep Kate alive. And what it takes is Anna. Kate and Anna share a bond closer than most sisters; though Kate is older, she relies on her little sister — in fact, her life depends on Anna. Until Anna says “no.” Seeking medical emancipation, she hires her own lawyer, initiating a court case that divides the family and that could leave Kate’s rapidly failing body in the hands of fate. Aaron Zigman contributes one of his most beautiful, touching and sympathetic scores. 

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