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Richard Wells' Mutant Chronicles
24-Aug-2009 - Silva Screen Records has released the score for Mutant Chronicles, the story of the last mission of the only surviving humans on earth, a hopeless task which ends in bloody failure against an army of Mutants. The visual backdrop of muddy trenches and huge WW1 style weaponry is aided by Richard Wells’ music. Reflecting the ever increasing futility of the mission, the score starts with a haunting melody in the trenches before the mission begins and then becomes ever more discordant as the survivors die one by one until the final violent act, accompanied by a dreadful dissonant cacophony. The thundering, beautifully crafted, orchestral score is the work of Richard Wells, a composer with an impressive track record. He has written music for over 30 video games and made his feature film scoring debut with the cult release Razor Blade Smile. Recent successes include the score for martial arts smash Ong-Bak, hit TV series Being Human and over 50 pieces of original trailer music which include The Grudge, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Internal Affairs.
The score is available from Amazon UK andSilva Screen Records and downloadable from iTunes.

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