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Alexandre Desplat's Un Prophète
3-Sep-2009 - Naïve France has released the score for Un Prophète, the story of a young Arab man, who is sent to a French prison where he becomes a mafia kingpin. Through the mind’s eye of Malik EL Djebena, the first thing we see is a crushing darkness. His immediate surroundings are only perspiring dimly, faraway and dreamlike. Things get clearer as the camera show us the world outside our hero’s mind. Clearer yes, but not a notch brighter: bars, cops, screams, curses, his worn-off lawyer. Malik El Djebena is going to jail for 6 years. We will never know why. Young, boyish looking, illiterate, without any family or relatives, without even someone to call a friend, he is thrown in a maelstrom of violence, intricate power plays, corruption and despair. Alexandre Desplat wrote - again - a fascinating score. 
The score is available from Amazon France and Naïve France.

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