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Ali N. Askin's Salami Aleikum
14-Sep-2009 - Normal Records in Germany has released the score for Salami Aleikum. It's the story of Mohsen Taheri who is almost 30 and still lives with his parents in Cologne in Germany. Although he can't stand blood, he works in his fathers butchery. To save the family's butchery from insolvency smallish, sensitive Mohsen heads to Poland to buy low-priced sheep. On his way he lands somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Eastern Germany and falls in love with former shot-putter Ana. The villagers assume Mohsen to be a scion of a Persian textile dynasty who may save the village. Mohsen becomes more and more en vogue until his father appears. The score for this comedy has been written by Ali N. Askin, a Munich composer who works for film, TV and theater as composer, arranger and producer.
The score is available from Amazon Germany. 

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