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Austin Wintory's Captain Abu Raed
1-Oct-2009 - BuySoundtrax Records has released Captain Abu Raed, featuring music composed and conducted by Austin Wintory for the 2009 drama written and directed by Amin Matalqa and starring Nadim Sawalha. Captain Abu Raed tells the story of Abu Raed, an old airport janitor who has always longed to see the world but has never been able to afford the ticket to travel. One day, he meets a group of children in his poor neighborhood who mistake him for an airplane pilot and beg him to share stories of the world outside of Jordan. Through his imaginary stories, Abu Raed makes new friends and learns about the grim realities of their home lives. He is ultimately able to inspire the children and change their lives. For Captain Abu Raed, the director was looking for a Western sound, instead of the typical Middle Eastern orchestral color. The film would need a universally romantic score that would affect an audience in any part of the world. To satisfy this requirement, the director turned to composer Austin Wintory. 
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