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4-Oct-2009 - Digitmovies has released volume XIV of the series dedicated to the Italian peplum by releasing for the very first time the complete score for the movie L’Assedio Di Siracusa (Archimede) (aka Siege Of Syracuse) directed in 1960 by Pietro Francisci. At the time of the Punic wars when the conflict between the Roman Consul Claudio Marcello and the Syracusans is gradually getting stronger, a great man appears among the ranks of the Syracusan warriors: Archimedes. With his brilliance and inventiveness, and thanks to his burning mirrors, Archimedes destroys the Roman ships which have besieged Syracuse. Angelo Lavagnino’ s symphonic score perfectly combines the two worlds of Archimedes: the really documented historical facts and his private life where his affection is divided between the two beautiful women Diana and Clio.
Digitmovies continues to travel through the wide musical prairies of the Italian Western by releasing for the first time the complete score for the classic Italian Western of 1968 Oggi A Me... Domani A Te! (aka Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die) directed by Tonino Cervi. After having completed a long sentence, Billy Kiova wants to take revenge on Elfego, the man who murdered his Indian wife and framed him for the murder. Elfego in the meantime has become a ferocious ringleader. Kiova hires four pistoleros including O'Bannon and Colt Moran and he leads the band for the hunting of the bandit. Legendary composer Angelo F. Lavagnino has written a really essential, minimalist style score made up of suspended, magical, mysterious and semi-psychedelic atmospheres performed by organ, vibe, guitar, brass and every type of percussion with a sparse, but effective orchestra performance.
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