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Clint Mansell's L'Affaire Farewell
25-Oct-2009 - Colosseum Records has released the score for L'Affaire Farewell. In 1981, Colonel Grigoriev (whose name in real life was Vladimir Vetrov) of the KGB, who was disenchanted with what the Communist ideal had become under Brezhnev, decides he is going to change the world. Discreetly, he makes contact with a French engineer working for Thomson in Moscow and little by little passes on documents to him - mainly concerning the United States - containing information which would constitute the most important Cold War espionage operation known to date. The Berlin Wall would fall before the end of the 80s. In his own way, «Farewell» managed to change the world, by avoiding traditional espionage methods too well known to the KGB and by not asking for any financial compensation whatsoever – much too capitalist for his taste. He simply followed his destiny, so that a new world might dawn for all his fellow Russians, but especially for his son. Clint Mansell provides a powerful score for this tale.
Available as download from and Amazon UK. Available on CD from Amazon France and Amazon Germany.

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