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Red Dwarf: Back To Earth
29-Oct-2009 -
Warner Bros. Home Video has released Red Dwarf: Back To Earth, which takes
place after "Series-X". 
It was a long time coming, but finally the crew of the Red Dwarf were reunited
or what could be the last time with Back to Earth. And it proved to be a bit of a
mixed blessing, with all three parts throwing up moments of absolute genius,
alongside parts where you couldn’t help believing that its best days are far
behind it.
The idea behind the show is quite ingenious. Back to Earth takes place after the
supposed season 10 of Red Dwarf, and the crew find themselves thrown through
a portal, at which time they realize that they’re all just characters from a TV show.
Furthermore, they’re characters from a TV show who are going to all buy it in the
final episode. The only solution? To track down both the actors that play them
(including a trip to the set!), and the creators of Red Dwarf itself.
This opens the door for plenty of postm
odern gags and situations, but arguably
it’s only when things get back into more familiar territory that they start to gel
a little more. And when they work, you can’t help but enjoy the fact that the crew
are back together. Will this be the last voyage for Red Dwarf? Quite possibly, and
there’s little doubt that it’s far from the show’s peak. But it’s still a fun and
entertaining send-off.
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