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Chuck Cirino's Bone Eater
7-Nov-2009 - BSX Records has released Bone Eater, featuring music composed by Chuck Cirino for the 2007 horror film directed by Jim Wynorski. Bone Eater takes place in Sweet Water, Alabama. A greedy land developer is financing the development of a huge resort in the desert nearby. Tensions have flared between the developers and the local Native American tribe, the Kathonahs, over concerns that the resort is being built over the burial ground of their ancestors. The story begins as a construction crew discover a large bone axe while they are digging at night. When they remove the bone axe, they accidentally awaken an ancient Katonah demon spirit known as the Bone Eater and they are swiftly killed. For Bone Eater, Chuck Cirino has unleashed one of his most ambitious scores, a wonderful homage to composers Ennio Morricone and Bernard Herrmann, tipping his hat to Morricone’s work on Spaghetti Westerns and Herrmann’s work on the great Ray Harryhausen fantasy films of the 60’s.
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