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Mokadelic's marPiccolo
10-Nov-2009 - CAM Original Soundtracks has released the score for marPiccolo (the basin located North of the town of Taranto), the latest film by director Alessandro di Robilant, and freely based on the novel by Andrea Cotti. Presented at the International Rome Film Festival, in the "Alice Nella Citta'" section (15-23 October 2009). Set in one of the most needy and degraded neighbourhoods in Taranto (southern Italy), it is the story of an eighteen year old boy, Tiziano, smart enough not to get in trouble but also smart enough not to get out of trouble. It is also the story of a girl who wants with all her might to lead a normal life and whom, only thanks to her strong will, is able to tear her boyfriend away from a life with a marked destiny. Starring Giulio Beranek (Tiziano), Roberto Bovenga (Trascene), Michele Riondino (boss Tonio), Giorgio Colangeli (De Nicola), Valentina Carnelutti (prof. Costa), Selenia Orzella (Stella), and Anna Ferruzzo (Maria). The score is written by the psychedelic rock band MOKADELIC, and is also available on all major digital platforms.

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