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Lockyer/McGuffie's Dr. Who And The Daleks
19-Nov-2009 - Silva Screen Records has released the lovingly restored soundtracks to the only two big screen Doctor Who films ever made - the 1965 release Dr. Who And The Daleks and 1966 Dalek's Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D. Accidentally thrown together in an adventure of a lifetime, Dr. Who (Peter Cushing), his granddaughters, and their friend Ian cross the intergalactic universe in the Doctor's new invention the T.A.R.D.I.S. his space and time machine. Landing unsuspectingly on Planet Skaro, here they meet the kind and placid Thal's, who are under the mortal fear of the dreaded Dalek's. Deadly mutants living inside their metal casings and killing everything that crosses its path. Here is the battle of the Daleks vs. the Thals. The music was composed by Malcom Lockyer and Bill McGuffie with sections enhanced by electronic sounds created by Barry Gray, famed for his work with Gerry Anderson. The album also includes contemporary single releases and a 20 page inlay booklet packed with memorabilia and detailed production notes.

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