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Peter Thomas' Die Volkommene Ehe
24-Nov-2009 - Chris Soundtrack Corner/All Score Media have released Die Volkommene Ehe and on the same CD Das Leben Zu Zweit, 2 soundtracks to German sex education-movies. This genre boomed massively in Germany in the late Sixties. Based on a (more or less) scientific plot the audience was for the first time confronted with bare facts in form of nudity. In this category successful director Franz Josef Gottlieb adapted a 40 year old book by the Dutch gynecologist Theodoor Hendrik van de Velde to create these two (pseudo-) scientific movies. Producer Horst Wendlandt asked his friend Peter Thomas (Space Patrol, Jerry Cotton) to compose original scores for both films. Atypically for veteran sound pioneer Thomas his score to Die Volkommene Ehe is outrageously romantic and of an eroticizing intensity, and the work holds an exceptional position in the composer’s ouvre. Almost the complete opposite is the score to Das Leben Zu Zweit. Here the composer is in his element again; contemporary jazz and beat arrangements, and unconventional use of the human voice dominate.

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