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Lee Holdridge's Winterhawk
17-Dec-2009 - BuySoundtrax Records presents the world premiere release of Winterhawk. It all takes place in 1840 and tells the story of a Blackfoot Indian chief who finds himself and his tribe in danger of extinction from a deadly outbreak of smallpox in what would eventually become Montana. His friend, a white trapper named Elkhorn tells him his only option is to make contact with the nearest white settlement and try to trade for the medicine needed to save his people. At this time, though, the only white people in the area are either mountain men or missionaries. The score is composed by Lee Holdridge and additional music composed for the film by William Goldstein and Nicolas Flagello. The score is presented in its entirety, with alternate takes and bonus tracks, along with liner notes written by Randall Larson. For reasons that are not clear, the Good Times Home Video release of Winterhawk carries a replacement score composed electronically by Kendall Schmidt. His music is not included on this release. This edition is limited to 1000 copies. 
Available from BuySoundtrax Records.

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