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Knieper/Steyer's Das Leben Ist Eine Baustelle
26-Dec-2009 - Colosseum Records has released the score for Das Leben Ist Eine Baustelle. The story: an aimless Gen-Xer, Jan Nebel, literally runs into Miss Right while walking home from a disastrous one-night stand. Unfortunately, he meets Vera in the middle of a Berlin street riot. Even more unfortunately Jan accidentally knocks down two plain-clothes cops who are pursuing her. Before he's arrested, however, he manages to make a good impression on the beautiful young woman. "Director and co-writer Wolfgang Becker weaves a loose, wry and finally tender tale around Jan (Vogel) and his meandering negotiation of the various people in his life: enigmatic lovers, grown-up drop-outs, washed-up lonely parents, irresponsible (incomprehensible) siblings, drifting immigrants, and men with bad haircuts (for this is Germany)". Finally available, the film music to the German cult movie was composed by Jürgen Knieper and Christian Steyer, introducing the Baustellen Orchester Berlin.
Available from Amazon Germany and Colosseum Records

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