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5-Jan-2010 - The year starts well with two releases from Intrada Records. In their Special Collection series comes the world premiere release of the exciting Leonard Rosenman soundtrack for Hellfighters, a John Wayne action movie, released by Universal, directed by Andrew V. McLaglen. It's a thrill-packed tale of oil well firefighters that actually predicts the slew of upcoming disaster movies for the next decade. Rosenman anticipates disaster scoring style as well, anchors with an energetic, propulsive main theme built from dynamic low brass rhythms with soaring French horn line playing above. Romantic music elements for Jim Hutton, Katherine Ross play in contrast to the powerful music for firefighting sequences. The Intrada CD presents the complete score, mixed and mastered from original multi-track stereo session masters vaulted at Universal in a magnificent condition.
In Intrada's Signature Editions series comes another world premiere. This time a 2-CD set that presents both original soundtracks for Walter Hill's sci-fi action tale Supernova, starring James Spader, Angela Bassett, Lou Diamond Phillips. CD 1 features the mostly used symphonic score by David Williams, packed with dynamic action music, and suspenseful space sequences. Aggressive, rhythmic action cues are highlights. CD 2 features mostly the unused score by Burkhard Dallwitz. Here, a vibrant array of electronic effects, multiple keyboards, synthesizer rhythms is the name of the game. Both scores appear in crisp stereo from original master elements with both composers supervising their contributions. This Intrada Signature Edition is limited to 1200 copies!
For more info and ordering, visit Intrada Records. 

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