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Rafael Arnau/Mario Gosálvez Camino
6-Jan-2010 - Singular Soundtrack has released the score for Camino. Camino (Nerea Camacho) is a beautiful and sweet eleven year old girl who spends her final moments in a hospital room. Surrounded by relatives, friends, priests, and a huge number of the clinic personnel members, she gives everyone an almost supernatural example of a serene and happy death. Suddenly, when death seems inevitable, something extraordinary happens in an atmosphere full of sanctity. Inspired by real events, Camino is the emotional adventure of an extraordinary eleven years old girl who faces at the same time two completely new events for her: To fall in love and to die. Camino is, above all, a bright light capable of going through each one of the gloomy doors that are being closed before her trying to plunge into darkness her aim to live, love and feel happy for good. Its delicate music composed by Rafael Arnau and Mario Gosálvez and recorded with the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra and the participation of violinist Ara Malikian as soloist, was surprisingly unpublished in spite of all the music lovers demands. At last, this beautiful work has come out.
The score is available from Singular Soundtrack in Spain.

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