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Bruno Coulais continues to receive acclaim for his score to Coraline
8-Jan-2010 -

Academy Award nominated composer
Bruno Coulais creates an imaginative
musical journey for Coraline.
Award-winning French composer Bruno Coulais'
imaginative score to director Henry Selick’s Coraline
continues to garner critical acclaim. Coulais’ score takes
the audience on a whimsical, beautiful yet eerie journey
through Coraline, a bizarre and darkly fantastic
stop-motion film. For Coraline, Coulais combines
unusual rhythmic patterns, elegant string arrangements,
piano, a children’s choir singing random French words
and eclectic sounds.
European maestro Bruno Coulais has received three
César Awards (France’s equivalent of the Oscar®),
including for Les Choristes, which earned Coulais an
Academy Award® nomination.
Coulais has scored many television series and
received an Emmy® nomination for his work on the
mini-series Sometimes In April. 
Coulais began his musical education on the violin and
piano, aiming to become a composer of contemporary
classical music; eventually Coulais gravitated towards
film music. The largest turning point in Coulais career
came when he worked with directors Claude Nuridsany
and Marie Pérennou on the documentary Microcosmos;
this film was very successful and made Coulais one of
the most sought after composers in French film music.

Coulais' musical style varies between different projects
but there are some constant visible factors, including
his taste for opera and for human voice (in particular
that of children). Bruno Coulais’ recent projects include
the French comedy Lucky Luke, Disney Nature’s Oceans
and the French drama Villa Amalia. 
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