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John Williams' Black Sunday
22-Jan-2010 - Finally on CD! Black Sunday, released by Film Score Monthly. Black Sunday is a minor masterpiece of grim 1970s international espionage (decades later, Steven Spielberg and John Williams would revisit the genre in Munich). Much of the film’s success is owed to director Frankenheimer, renowned for his handling of large-scale physical action in films such as The Train, Grand Prix and French Connection II. The film’s climax at the Super Bowl—much of it shot at the actual Super Bowl X—features some of the most spectacular footage ever captured for a Hollywood movie. John Williams was a natural choice to score Black Sunday. Not only was he a veteran of the 1970s disaster cycle (The Poseidon Adventure, The Towering Inferno) but his landmark score to Jaws marked him as Hollywood’s top composer at a time when Paramount Pictures was positioning Black Sunday to be the blockbuster of 1977 (a claim to fame shortly taken by Star Wars). This premiere release is in complete chronological order, remixed by Mike Matessino from the original 16-track 2” masters recorded on the Paramount Pictures scoring stage. 
The CD is available through More info at Film Score Monthly. 

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