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John Barry's High Road To China
26-Jan-2010 - BuySoundtrax Records has released High Road To China. Released in 1983, the movie begins in Istanbul, 1920 and tells the story of spoiled heiress Eve Tozer (Bess Armstrong) who has come from London to find her father, Bradley (Wilford Brimley), a brilliant inventor/entrepreneur who has gone missing. The London courts have been convinced by Bradley’s former business partner, Bentik, that he is dead and if he can’t be located in three weeks, his assets will go to his ex-partner. To support the romance and adventure elements of the film, producers Raymond Chow and Fred Weintraub turned to veteran composer John Barry. His music for HIGH ROAD TO CHINA includes an exciting flying motif and a love theme that could only been have been penned by one man, along with the kind of travelogue style music the composer would write for a James Bond film and adaptations of various period source cues indicative of the 1920s.

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