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Kate Beckinsale in Whiteout
1-Feb-2010 -

Warner Home Video has released an ice-cold thriller, Whiteout, directed by Dominic Sena and
starring Kate Beckinsale and Tom Skerritt.
The story: a U.S. marshal (Kate Beckinsale), the only one assigned to Antarctica, must
investigate a murder there within three days before the Antarctic winter begins.
She crosses paths with a U.N. operative (Gabriel Macht), also investigating the murder.
She must chase down suspects and find more murders. Early in the story, Steko is attacked
by the killer and left for dead in a storm. She saves herself but loses two fingers due to
severe cold-related injuries.
For U.S. Marshal Carrie Stetko, things are about to get even more dangerous. The only law
enforcement in this unforgiving territory, she has just been sent to investigate a body on the ice.
Antarctica's first homicide. A shocking discovery in itself, it will plunge her into an even more
bizarre mystery and the revelation of secrets long-buried under the endless ice--secrets that
someone believes are still worth killing for.
As Stetko races to find the killer before he finds her, winter is already closing in. In the deadly
Antarctic whiteout, she won't see him till he's a breath away.
The music.
The large, orchestral score is written by John Frizzell with additional music
by Frederik Wiedmann and is available on CD. 
The movie is available on DVD and on Blu-Ray from
The score on Varèse Sarabande is available from, Amazon UK,

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