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Films in Concert in Haarlem, the Netherlands
28-Feb-2010 -

A unique filmconcert!
HPO presents famous filmmusic from a.o. Merkies - Korngold -
Saint Saëns - Herrmann and Williams.

Can you imagine a movie without music? Movies take you into another world. The music in
a movie can determine your mood. Even without the images, film scores provoke emotions.
Suspense, action, drama or romance, the images enter your mind the second your hear
the track. Filmmusic is rarely played on the radio or performed live in a concerthall.

That’s why the Heemstede Philharmonic Orchestra plays the most famous Dutch and
international filmthemes on the 25th of April in Haarlem. We present you with an exclusive
premiere. Never before has the music of the famous Dutch filmcomposer Fons Merkies been
performed live by an orchestra. Merkies is known for the music of a.o. The Twins, Happy End,
The Storm, Cloaca and In Oranje. The composer will even be present at the performance!
But you will also hear the first filmmusic ever written bij Saint-Saëns.

And what movie is more well-known than Star Wars? You will hear all of its more famous
themes in this concert.
The 25th of April promises to be a very special occasion! Will you join us?
About Heemstede Philharmonic Orchestra
They played Mahler at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, accompanied Laura Fygi and
Janine Jansen and made several tours in Japan, Germany and Great Britain.
The Heemstede Philharmonic Orchestra is a symfonic orchestra with ambitious, amateur
musicians who all take pleasure in forming this orchestra.
Conductor Dick Verhoef guides them through famous symphonies of famous composers
as well as light music, jazz and other special projects as part of their repertoire.
The HPO was founded in 1966 and since that time has endeavoured to produce performances
of a high level quality.
Films in Concert
25 april 2010 - 20.15 h
Philharmonie Haarlem
Lange Begijnestraat 11
2011 HH Haarlem
Heemsteede Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: Dick Verhoef
Solist: Saskia Plagge - cello
Tickets € 20,= (65+ or 12- € 17,50)
Reservations can be made at the Heemsteede Philharmonic Orchestra

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