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Bernard Herrmann's Hangover Square/Citizen Kane
26-Mar-2010 - Chandos Records has released two of Bernard Herrmann's classic film scores from early in his career, Hangover Square and Citizen Kane. They have been arranged from the original manuscripts by Stephen Hogger and played by the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, led by a conductor who has become a leading light in film score recordings, Rumon Gamba. Everything about this production is first-class. Hangover Square (1944) came on the heels of a movie that had been a big hit, The Lodger, starring Laird Cregar. Hangover Square, although taken from an unrelated novel by Patrick Hamilton, was massively rewritten to accommodate the early 1940s fad of featuring a piano concerto. Citizen Kane has in many surveys been called the greatest movie ever made in America. It was the brainchild of the boy wonder, Orson Welles, and the music score was Bernard Herrmann's first for the movies. In New York he had been a part of Welles' team for The Mercury Theater of the Air and he had come west with Welles when the director was to make his first film.

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