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Peter Thomas' Jerry Cotton - FBI's Top Man
3-Apr-2010 - Jerry Cotton returns at Chris' Soundtrack Corner and All Score Media with Jerry Cotton - FBI's Top Man! More than 40 years after the last feature of the "G-man" series had been filmed, in March 2010 Jerry Cotton once again exploded across German theatre screens! In response the long unavailable music of the original series has been gloriously resurrected for a brand new compilation. Undoubtedly Peter Thomas' soundtracks to all eight movies, composed between 1965 and 1969, are the highlight of the series. Thomas re-configured American jazz the way the filmmakers reconfigured New York City. He goes for the jazz jugular and spices up the proceedings with his own brand of ephemera: gunshots, screams, scat singing and wild improvisation. Crime Jazz at its best! On this premiere CD you will find the remastered musical highlights of the series, six previously unreleased tracks, plus two bonus titles that prior-to had only been available on a very rare vinyl LP. The CD comes with a 24-page booklet.

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