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New in Intrada's Special Collection..!
26-May-2010 - Intrada Records presents the world premiere release of the original score from John Frankenheimer gangster tale 99 And 44/100% Dead! Henry Mancini has written a tuneful score with nods to earlier Mancini-era scores (Peter Gunn, Mr. Lucky etc.). The score is presented in mono with bonus tracks in stereo, mastered fromthe  only surviving elements available courtesy of both 20th Century Fox and the Henry Mancini Archives. This is a limited release of only 1200 copies and they are going fast, so hurry..!
The second one in the Intrada Special Collection is also a world premiere release: the original soundtrack from the intense, gory Philippe Mora horror movie, The Beast Within. Horror score veteran Les Baxter contributes a vivid, graphic score late in his career.  Presented in stereo from the complete (albeit slow-speed & somewhat noisy) tape masters, courtesy of MGM. Les Baxter conducts. This is a limited release of 1000 copies.
For more info and ordering, visit Intrada Records.

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