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The Angel composes and shapes music for Gaia
10-Jun-2010 -

Award-winning Indie Gaia featured at Dances with Films 
Over the past decade, “The Angel” has quietly become one of the leading ladies of film and
TV composing. Critically acclaimed for pioneering an eclectic sound that is both urban and
electronic, “The Angel” works with big budget, documentary and indie films including the
current festival favorite, GAIA. The film was awarded Best Feature at the Berkshires Film
Festival last weekend and is currently screening at Dances With Films in Los Angeles. 
"In a film with so little dialogue, the soundtrack and score play an essential role in seducing
the audience,” said GAIA director Jason Lehel. “‘The Angel” was able to take my somewhat
crude descriptions on the way I'd like to go forward and not only interpret but breathe in a
new life that gave me something beautiful, delicate and powerful all at once." 
“The Angel”’s musical palate varies from traditional orchestration to ambient musical elements.
The engaging sound fabricator enjoys “controlling and shaping the music” of her projects,
including her new assignment as composer for the newly retooled second season of the TNT
television show HawthoRNe. Her signature style blends musical genres with a healthy dose
of irreverence, using both traditional and contemporary instrumentation. 
Connecting themes of grief, survival and forgiveness into a dramatic and
emotional tale, GAIA follows a young woman's fight to find herself and reclaim her life back
from a dark past. 
“From the minute I watched it (GAIA), I could feel the pull toward organic, warm and evocative
instrumentation for the overall feel,” said “The Angel” of the score. “I was able to paint in flavors
and textures that I created from scratch, blending acoustic and electric guitars, obscure
percussion instruments, ethnic flutes - for texture, not as leads - mandolin, autoharp and strings.
I used these instruments among others, in non-traditional ways - sometimes played, then
sampled and distressed - and being a bit of a renegade, decided to use electric bass as a lead
instrument in some of the main themes.” 
“The Angel” is a Brooklyn native and Los Angeles transplant (by way of London). She has charted
unparalleled ground in a male dominated industry, combining her skills as a record producer and
composer. She has produced and/or mixed for artists such as The Pharcyde, The Brand New Heavies,
and Spearhead. Following a stint in London, “The Angel” entered film scoring when she met the
producers of "Gridlock'd" (Tim Roth/Tupac). The jazzy, contemporary flavor of her remix of
Donald Byrd's "Kofi," (Blue Note) caught the attention of director, Vondie Curtis-Hall. Since then,
“The Angel”’s film and television projects include the provocative hit UK feature “KiDULTHOOD,” (Noel
Clarke), “Boiler Room” (Giovanni Ribisi, Ben Affleck, Vin Diesel), “The Heart of The Game,” “Standoff”
(Ron Livingston, Rosemarie DeWitt) and the Lifetime original movie, “Racing For Time” (Charles Dutton).  

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